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How to secure your internet connection?


Network security is a huge concern for many. We all know the signs of a dying network connection. Extreme lagging, longer loading times, and slow downloads. Poor network security can cause outsiders to invade your Wi-Fi network and use the internet for their purposes.

Securing your network connection may seem like a lot of work and effort but it’s easier than you might’ve thought.

There are a few tips you must practice diligently to secure your Wi-Fi network and receive the fastest internet speeds. We’re here to let you in on a few tips that amp up your network security quickly and easily. Read ahead to find out.

  • Rename your network and router

When you purchase a router, chances are it already comes with a default username and password that is super generic and easy to guess. A router’s username or password usually includes a brand name followed by easy-to-guess characters and numbers.

This gives an open invitation to hackers and outsiders to connect with or break into your network easily. And it’s the last thing you want happening to your Wi-Fi setup.

Immediately change username when you purchase a router. You’ll have to reconnect all previously-connected devices like your laptop, smartphones, gaming systems, etc. once the name is changed.

  • Use better passwords

Your Wi-Fi network password shouldn’t be easy to guess. Hackers generally use a person’s initials, birth dates, or any personal information to make the guess. A strong password makes sure to keep miscellaneous hackers away.

A strong password is generally longer than 8 characters, includes different numbers and a mix of special characters, with uppercase and lowercase letters. Test out password once the network is set up. Make sure no personal information or data that is identifiable is included in the password.

  • Update your router

Make sure your router is up to date to avoid vulnerabilities. Just like you update your

Smartphone software, your laptop’s operating system, and your gaming consoles, you need to update your router needs with the latest firmware as well. Outdated routers increase the chances of a malicious attack happening.

  • Encrypt your device

Turn on router’s encryption. It’s the easiest way to increase  your network’s security since every router nowadays comes with built-in encryption. Configure your router settings and set a password key in security settings. Use a strong password as mentioned previously to avoid any mishaps.

Data encryption and device encryption layer an extra level of security keeping hackers and miscreants away from entering the network system whenever they want. By encrypting your device, you’re making a huge change and impact!

  • Use firewalls

Switch off WPS setting. This setting allows outsiders to connect their devices and gadgets to your network. Switch off WPS setting unless your devices are actively connected to the Wi-Fi network.

You can also use a VPN while browsing to hide your real IP, so nobody can trace your device back to you. This service acts as an extra security protocol that certainly keeps invaders away! Metronet internet service strongly supports VPN and firewall installation. Contact Metronet customer service to know more about network security in your area!


Your internet connection is more of a necessity than a luxury in today’s time. Securing it is your responsibility. Your job is to make sure no one gets into your system and breaks through your home system. Follow the tips above to add layers of security and keep all your data protected!

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