The Ultimate Kerastase Buyers Beauty Guide From Utiee

Kerastase is one of the top hair care brands. You can hear different opinions about it. Some people love it and call Kerastase shampoos the best, and some are disappointed with this brand.

At Utiee we are totally in love with all Kerastase products. Why?

It is a luxury hair care brand. Each Kerastase’s line includes several products that work in combination to solve specific hair and scalp problems.

It is committed to the reasonable utilization of materials, the decrease of water squander, and to bringing down its carbon footprint. Its factories are leading in environmental initiatives for reducing and reusing waste, and saving water.

At Utiee we would like to help you to maintain strong, shiny and healthy hair. Kerastase has a big variety of products for different hair types. For sure, you will find the best treatment for your hair! So to help you to pick your Kerastase range we created the ultimate Kerastase buyers beauty guide!

Kerastase Nutritive Range is created to restore a very dry and damaged hair. We think this range does not need to be explained. If you struggle with dry hair and split ends, just try it! To maintain healthy and well-groomed hair to use a mask once a month is not enough. You need intentional and comprehensive care everyday.

Kerastase Discipline Range is designed for unruly, porous and curly hair. The products of this range smooth frizzy hair, protect from moisture and make it manageable. By using these products your hair will become soft, smooth, shiny and strong. There are two types of shampoo in this range with and without SLS.

Kerastase Resistance Range is a hair strengthening beauty line for colored fine and damaged hair. It is designed for intensive restoration of very damaged strands exposed to chemical, mechanical and thermal influences. Dreaming of healthy, thick and shiny curls? Give them a luxurious treatment with the Kerastase Resistance Range!

Kerastase Blond Absolu Range is created to help all faux-blonde to reduce yellow tones and to keep the hair smooth, strong and luminous. Kerastase Blond Absolu is perfect for your hair no matter what your blonde type is. Its products provide antioxidant protection from environmental pollution, brighten bleached hair and give your hair a healthy look.

Kerastase Genesis Range. Hair loss affects more than 88% of women worldwide. That is why the Kerastase brand decided to fight against this problem with a revolutionary method, involving dermatologists and nutritionists treatments. This line effectively cares for all hair types, eliminates hair loss and brittleness. Kerastase Genesis also has products for fine and dry hair prone to brittleness.

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All the products are original and dermatologically tested. Kerastase products are made of natural ingredients with flower extract, full of vitamins and minerals. It is gluten and sulfate free treatment.

At Utiee, we care about your natural beauty!

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