How to Check Your HVAC System is Working Properly?


During summers, you cannot enjoy without the cool breeze of your AC system. Similarly, when winters strike, you cannot survive without the heating system’s warmth. As an HVAC system is of utmost importance to homeowners, business owners, and other people, we must take proper care to enjoy efficient functioning. For this, you must know the proper ways to check if your HVAC system is working properly. 

Examining the Functioning of Your AC System 

Inspect Air Temperature Difference 

When the external temperature peaks to 80oF or more, you should set your AC thermostat lower than the room temperature. After this, allow the system to reach the programmed temperature. Then you need to insert a refrigerator thermometer within the ductwork. After a few minutes, not down the temperature results. 

Then, locate your unit’s return ductwork and use the thermometer to chart temperature. You need to subtract the first number from the second one. If the temperature difference is less than 14oF, it indicates that your appliance has a low refrigerant level. To restore the AC’s accurate functioning, you should call Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Buford. 

Inspect Home Insulation 

Even if your air conditioner is in a top-notch state, it does not guarantee that it is also functioning proficiently. If your windows, walls, and ceiling are not adequately insulated, your AC will have to work harder to maintain optimum temperature. Insufficient insulation means there are air seepages that waste your system’s efficiency. In this case, you must hire a qualified technician to inspect your home’s insulation.  

Examine the Air Filters 

Filthy and blocked air filters can majorly influence the efficient performance of your AC. The US Department of Energy recommends changing your AC filters every three months. Clogged filters will restrict airflow and cause the system to consume more energy. 

Identify Windows for Undue Sunlight 

Additional heat sources will heat the home or indoor space. It will cause the AC to consume more energy to cool the room. Hence, you must know which windows in your home are the sources of undue sunlight and heat. You should install curtains, blinds, or shades to restrict excessive incoming sunlight and heat. 

Testing the Functionality of Your HVAC Thermostat 

HVAC owners must know that system failures are not always responsible for the breakdowns. In a few cases, your AC thermostat may be responsible for causing an uneasy indoor environment. Below are some of the valuable ways that will help you determine the functionality of your system thermostat: 

Battery Replacement 

A few thermostats are battery-powered and use chemical energy when electricity is absent. Hence, changing thermostat batteries can sometimes help resolve your HVAC unit problems. It will re-establish appropriate connectivity between the control device and the heating and cooling unit. 

Review the Settings 

In certain circumstances, you unintentionally switch your system thermostat to incorrect settings. Hence, you must ensure proper settings to ensure the heating and cooling system’s efficient functioning. Retuning the breaker that powers your thermostat and HVAC unit is also a recommended way to reboot an unresponsive system. 

Check Your Wiring 

A wiring system connects the thermostat to the heater or AC unit. Hence, you must call a technician right away when you notice disrupted wires. It will help avoid further damage to your system. 

Listen to Your Heating and Cooling System 

If you still feel that the thermostat is the cause of the problem, you should seek another person’s assistance to help you detect it. While you adjust the thermostat, ask the other person to listen to the system carefully. 

If the person hears a whizz or clicks sound when the thermostat delivers signals, then your system is working fine. And if there is no noise, it indicates a problem with your unit or wiring system. 

Things to Check Before Calling a Professional 

Everyone wants to save money. An HVAC system used frequently requires regular cleaning and maintenance for proper functioning. Calling an HVAC Cleaning in Buford can be expensive. 

Hence, a few ways will help you identify and resolve fundamental issues without the help of a professional. 

If Your HVAC System Shuts Down Automatically

An automatic shutdown of the HVAC system indicates an issue with the circuit breaker. You should see if it has tripped. Sometimes there are too many electronics plugged in, which burdens the circuit. If this is not the case, then a power failure might be the reason. 

If Your Thermostat Is Not Working 

If you observe that your thermostat is not working, you should replace batteries to restore it. If this trick does not work, you must face some electrical issues. In this case, you must call seek an HVAC technician’s help. 

If You Experience Restricted Airflow 

If you feel your HVAC system has a restricted airflow, you should consider replacing the system’s air filters. Experts suggest that you must replace HVAC filters after every three months. And when it is summer, you should replace it every month. If the problem remains, then you may call a professional. 

Inspect Your System for Blockages 

It would be best if you inspected your system ducts for any blockages. Any blockage can interrupt the proper functioning of your system. Move around your home or building to ensure that all vents are clean and open. Debris outside of the condenser unit can be problematic. 

If Your AC is not Puffing Cool Air 

A dirty air filter hinders your system’s ability to emit cool air, so replace it immediately to improve performance. If you have a reusable filter, then clean it. 

Examine the Refrigerant Line 

Locate the most prominent outdoor pipe that leads to your AC condenser. If your system is working and ice layers the canal, shut it down immediately. Let the ice melt before you turn on the system again. If this problem reoccurs, there might be a refrigerant issue. 

Clean the Condenser Coil 

The condenser coil positioned on the outdoor unit requires regular cleaning. You should remove anything trapped in the fins and mildly spray it with water. Dirty coils can limit airflow and cause warm air discharge. 

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