A Complete Guide for Dab Rigs and Its Accessories


A dab rig is a special device that enthusiasts use to consume concentrates or what is informally called dabs. If you are a prospective dabber, it is important to understand the design of dab rigs and how they function. There is a wide range of dab rigs in the market which makes selection a little difficult.

As the market continues to expand new dab rigs are flowing in every day. As of now, we have four major types of dab rigs; high-end, middle level, low-end, and simple dab rigs. Despite looking a little confusing, dab rigs are relatively easy to use.

After selecting the kind of dab rig that you want, the next step will be to understand how it works. You will also be excited to learn that it is possible to personalize your dabbing experience with extra accessories and features.

How to Dab, Step by Step

Dabbing looks complicated if you have never tried it. It is generally simple and easy with a lot of fun. Your overall dabbing experience depends on the type of electric dab rig you have. Here is a general process of dabbing when using a standard dab rig;

Apply a small amount of your favorite concentrate on the nail or any other heating element in your dab rig. Apart from the e-nails that heat themselves, all the others need manual heating using a torch. Torches and dab rigs are normally sold separately but other companies sell them as a set.

The next step is to heat the nail. After heating, apply wax or oil on the vaporizer. Wait a few seconds then place your mouth over the mouthpiece to inhale the resulting vapor. Don’t wait for too many seconds because the vapor materializes almost immediately.

Once you are done dabbing. Wait for your dab rig to cool down before packing it. If your dab rig has a dome, then you can pack directly. But what is a dome? A dome is a safety feature that is attached to the nail. The main function of the dome is to ensure that you are losing and vapor. It allows you to vape at your own pace.

Is a Dome Necessary?

As to whether a dome is necessary or not, depends on how you want to dab. As already mentioned, the primary purpose of the dome is to lock vapor inside. If you don’t know how to use them properly, they will often slide causing more hassle. At the end of it, all the dabbing sessions should be enjoyable. So it comes back to personal style and preference.

Components of a Dab Rig

You already have some light on how a dab rig looks like and how it works. Despite being complex in the eyes of many, a standard dab rig has three main components; a nail, glass piece, and torch lighter. In most cases, the torch lighter is brought separately. Others prefer to use a dabber, a small tool that keeps the dabbing experience neat and tidy, as the fourth accessory.

Buying a complete dab kit is the best option. Other customizations can follow later. To avoid counterfeit or incomplete kits, make a purchase from a trusted company like Dr. Dabber, CBDfx, etc. For example, you can get a Stella Full Rx kit from Dr. Dabber then proceed to customize it. It is still complete for use if you don’t love too many customizations.

How to Clean Your Dab Rig

Whichever kind of concentrates you use, even if they are premium, your dab rig will require cleaning after some time. Cleaning helps your dab rig to last long enough. Wear and tear is a common thing for devices but cleanliness and maintenance ensure that the dab rig serves you for some years.

To clean a Dab rig, you need pipe cleaners, a bowl, rubbing alcohol, and paper towels. If you want to do deep cleaning, add some salt to the mix. Below is a step by step process on how to clean a dab rig;

Pour a little rubbing alcohol into the dab rig and allow it to soak. After a few hours, the re-burn becomes loose and ready to come away. Immediately this happens, the alcohol turns dark in color.

Pour the dark alcohol out and repeat if there traces of re-burn and other residuals remaining.  Use pipe cleaners and more pure alcohol to remove all stains. Using paper towels dry the dab rigs and leave them to stand for some time.

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